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The Misdemeanor Management Services program (MMS) offers many rehabilitation classes and connects the offenders with other resources such as drug and alcohol rehabilitation, educational training, and counseling services within their service area. MMS works diligently with many service agencies that are certified and licensed by the state of Tennessee. Persons convicted of misdemeanor offenses in General Sessions or Circuit and Criminal Courts are eligible for placement.

The goals of Misdemeanor Management Services (MMS) are to assist offenders in developing a positive structure within their lives and to encourage them to grow as effective citizens in their community. The program works closely with General Sessions and Circuit Court Judges, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, Law Enforcement Officers, and Defense Attorneys to ensure that the goals are met. MMS is devoted to provide services to all counties within our region, offering a viable alternative to incarceration in the sentencing of misdemeanor offenders. Individuals are placed on supervised probation for generally a period of 11 months and 29 days. During this time, the probation supervisor closely monitors the clients to ensure compliance with the probation order.

Our program increases county and city revenues generated by court-cost payments. Additional revenue created over program costs are used to help support other Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency programs. This allows the MMS program to give back to the communities by assisting with other agency programs.

Domestic Violence Classes

A 24-week, open-ended class for batterers pre-approved by the State of Tennessee. Fee is paid for by the offender upon court order. Classes are structured to encourage active participation, and include: 

  • Anger Management - 8 sessions

  • Character Development - 16 sessions

  • Codependent Relationships - 12 sessions

  • Drug & Alcohol Education - 8 sessions

  • Family Support - 6 sessions

  • Financial Management - 8 sessions

  • Job Readiness - 6 sessions

  • Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) - 12 sessions

  • Parenting Skills - 12 sessions

  • Relapse Prevention - 8 sessions

  • Responsible Living - 8 sessions

  • Something for Nothing - 8 sessions

  • Thinking for Good - 10 sessions


For more information, contact April J Clark: 931.289.5060 or click here for a list of locations. 


The Misdemeanor Management Services program generates its own revenue through the receipt of supervision fees from the offenders served, and is the only Mid-Cumberland program that does not operate under a grant or receive reimbursement from local, state or federal agencies.

We generate our own revenue without grants and reimbursements.

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