Helping you stay financially secure.

Our Representative Payee services use the beneficiary’s Social Security and/or SSI payments to pay for his/her current needs and to maintain accurate records for the beneficiary and others as required. This ensures that necessities like rent, utilities, and other bills are paid and current for someone who has difficulty in managing money.

SSI checks are deposited on the 1st and Social Security checks on the 3rd of the month. On deposit day, we pay the rent and reoccurring monthly bills. Other bills are paid as we receive them.

All of your bills must be sent directly to us, and allowance checks are mailed to you bi-monthly. 

Our Responsibilities

We are responsible for determining your needs and the best way to use your funds to meet those needs, including shelter, food, clothing, and transportation, to name a few. We report to SSA regularly as to how the funds have been spent, and report changes such as work activities, relocation, marriage, births, deaths, etc. Please be assured that all information received remains confidential.

Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for reporting any changes to us immediately. If you have a caseworker, we need to know his or her name and organization to help us better serve your needs.

 If you are a child, or if a third person receives funds for you, we need receipts for every disbursement. We may also require other receipts if determined necessary by the staff. All your requests and changes must be submitted in writing prior to check day.

Appointments and Fees

Most of our communication is done by mail and phone. If you need to see us in person, an appointment is required.

Appointments are to discuss distribution of funds, change of basic requests, problems, or if you need help with SSA forms.

 Since we have no access to medical information, reviews are usually sent to you.

 Fees are set by the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows us to charge. Call for current rate: 615.850.3906.