Resident's Bill of Rights

Residents in homes for the aged/consumers shall be:

  • Free to voice grievances without fear of reprisal.
  • Assured that they can exercise their rights as a resident in homes for the aged and as a citizen.
  • Free from mental and physical abuse, and free from chemical and physical restraints.
  • Discharged or transferred only for medical reasons, for their own welfare, or for non-payment.
  • Entitled to associate and communicate privately with persons of their choice.
  • Free to participate in social, religious, and community activities.
  • Assured access to their personal and medical records, to be informed about their medical condition, and to participate in planning their care and treatment.
  • Entitled to manage their personal financial affairs.
  • Entitled to the option of keeping and using personal belongings as space permits.
  • Entitled to share a room with one’s spouse.
  • Entitled to exercise all the rights of a consumer of home-care services.